20 Years Experience

How we build.

We never cut corners. Not once in the 20+ years we’ve been in business. That’s mainly because we approach each and every project with purpose, focus, integrity and fluidity.


All under one roof.

We bring a full in-house team to maintain complete control of every project — experts in land acquisition, land development, project management, construction, design, marketing, sales, and customer service.


We raise the roof. So to speak.

We adhere to a very high level of excellence. Our philosophy is to provide the highest possible level of care and attention across the complete home building (and buying) journey.



Award Nominations
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National Awards

    We believe in authentic communication. We stay true to ourselves and co-workers and do not avoid difficult conversations.


    We gain the confidence and trust of others by taking responsibility of our actions and having a positive intent.


    We love what we do, we take the lead, and we lead by example.


    We promote respect and inclusion by engaging with a wide variety of people and encouraging participation and involvement.


    We take ownership seriously, for the inherent or potential impact we have on our communities.


We surround you with smart, ambitious people and give you the opportunity to challenge yourself and advance your skills.
We’re collaborators, and we reward hard work and initiative.

Zenterra Developments offers a fast-paced work environment that provides no shortage of opportunity for both personal and career development. Proactive leadership, supportive staff, and freedom to make influential decisions for large scale communities makes Zenterra a fulfilling workplace for every team member.

Development and Project Manager

Zenterra has allowed me to excel and advance in my field, but not only that. It has given me the opportunity to be involved in other realms of the company, which I truly value. My department may be Accounting but I’m exposed to interior/exterior design, real estate development, business strategy, etc. My career and professional development are supported here through different avenues. And I know that is hard to come by.

Accounting Manager


We also take great pride in giving back to the communities that have welcomed us over the years, by getting together and choosing a local cause to support, from sports teams to habitat restoration. It’s a great way to get involved, do good things, and meet new people!

  • Want to be part of a team that makes a difference socially? Look no further than the Zenterra Cares Food Program. It serves breakfast and lunch to Surrey school kids in need, to the tune of 4,150 meals daily in 23 elementary schools and 10 secondary schools. The rationale behind the program is simple: by serving a variety of fruits, yogurts, cereals and healthy lunch food, kids have the proper energy to get them through the school day and make the most of sport activities. This also relieves the burden of parents, many of whom would otherwise be faced with skimping on their children’s nutrition in order to pay rent.

  • If you want to make a difference to the environment, then consider the Zenterra Green Program, which partners with the City of Surrey’s Releaf tree planting program to help expand Surrey’s urban forest. Recently Zenterra staff, along with hundreds of locals, planted over 500 trees and shrubs at Elgin Heritage Park, thus helping ensure that Surrey’s urban forest will remain green for future generations.


We’ve never been interested in offering merely jobs; that is not what made us award-winning. Instead, we offer the kind of work that adds up to something meaningful. How about the opportunity to challenge yourself and learn new skills? The prospect of being surrounded by smart, ambitious and motivated individuals. Sounds appealing? Check out our current openings below!